Bat Box Building Workshop

Think Wild 62410 Erickson Rd., Bend

October is bat appreciation month! Come learn how to create your own bat nest box to support local bats and avoid property damage. A well-located bat box can decrease conflicts with these insect eaters while preserving the benefits of their presence.


Think Wild Pumpkin Carving Party!

Think Wild 62410 Erickson Rd., Bend

Come celebrate fall with Think Wild's Pumpkin Carving Party! Join us in Think Wild's the native pollinator garden. Bring your family and friends and your own pumpkin and come carve …

Valentine’s Day Gifts + Delivery

Think Wild 62410 Erickson Rd., Bend

This Valentine's Day, give a unique gift to a loved one while supporting Think Wild.  All orders include a local dried flower bouquet from Stumpmunk Farms, jar of honey from Broadus Bees, and a personalized card. Additional gifts available. Order online by February 10 for pickup or delivery!