Painted Hills & Blue Basin Photography Outing

Landscape & nature photography with master image maker Zack Schnepf Central Oregon is blessed with many beautiful locations for nature photographers. The soft hillsides of the Painted Hills in remote Wheeler County are one of our most treasured scenic sites. Join local nature photographer Zack Schnepf for a weekend of in dept photography.


Landscape Photography Workshop at Crater Lake NP

Landscape and Night Sky Photography with Zack Schnepf. Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park is a sight to behold. Just seeing it during the day is a once in a lifetime experience. Due to its remote location Crater Lake also lends itself as a perfect landscape photography destination. Learn from one of Oregon’s greatest nature photographers, …


Milky Way and Night Sky Photography Outing

Learn how to capture the milky way and the night sky in the High Desert with your camera Central Oregon’s high altitude, crisp, clear air, low humidity and cool nights provide excellent conditions for Milky Way and Night Sky Photography. August is a wonderful time to head out and take photos here in Bend, Oregon. …


Central Oregon Fall Colors Photography Workshop

Enjoy the beauty of the Central Oregon Cascades and photograph pristine river scenes and lakes with towering mountains during Central Oregon’s beautiful autumn season. Local professional Landscape photographer Zack Schnepf will guide you to some of the areas most photogenic locations. Zack will teach you how to frame and capture stunning landscape photos.


Total Annular Solar Eclipse Photography Workshop at Crater Lake NP

Total Annular Solar Eclipse photo workshop on October 13 & 14, plus optional time at Crater Lake National Park for Night Sky with Milky Way and a sunrise session. A weekend Photography Workshop lead by Barb Gonzalez.